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Rio Roller Script Ice Skates

€79,95 €59,95 Inkl. MwSt.
Artikelnummer:: RIO012 Teal
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Allow us to introduce the very FIRST Rio Roller ICE Skate! Rio Roller have taken the much-loved design of Script and created a whole new upper specifically designed for Ice, just in time for winter! It holds everything you’d expect with Rio Roller and more! Same gorgeous style, same great quality, and same high performance! Fitted with a two piece seam-welded, 3.5mm stainless steel, high polish blade with a 6 toothpick and pre-sharpened to 12.2mm radius.

Boot and material : 

  • Vegan friendly PVC leather
  • Highly supportive upper
  • Faux suede lining and Velvet tongue backing
  • Ergonomic shape with locking heel pocket
  • Memory foam inner sole
Blade : 
  • Two-piece seam welded
  • 3.5mm Stainless Steel
  • High polish finish with a 6 tooth pick
  • Pre sharpened to 12.2mm radius
Maximum rider weight : 
  •  60kg for sizes: 2J – 5J / 34 – 38
  •  100kg for sizes: 6A – 7A / 39.5 – 40.5

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